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Thanks for your interest! CA+MP is not accepting applications at this time. Please follow UJAC on social media for the latest on programming and artist opportunities.

APPLY TO CA+MP (2022 Sessions)
About CA+MP

CA+MP creative arts + multidisciplinary performance – is the emergent artist-in-residence program at the Upper Jay Art Center. We host artists in all disciplines for periods of 1-4 weeks, offering time and creative freedom within our unique and historic space to create, dream, perform, and explore. 


Unlike many residency programs, our building operates like a living museum – likened to a Joseph Cornell box – and presents a plethora of objects, furniture, nooks and crannies for residents to explore and re-make anew, as well as a full live production suite (light and sound) and the sometimes raging waters of the Ausable River right outside the door. Residents can expect a loose, permissive vibe, as well as a curious and engaged local community with which to share their work.

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Our goal is for these residencies to provide support to artists in any stage of their creative process, as well as opportunities to engage in cultural and cross-cultural conversations with local audiences, further challenging and growing our collective understanding of what connects (and divides) us, and ultimately, what it is to be in community with each other. 


We accommodate both emerging and established artists working in visual disciplines (2D, 3D, mixed & digital media), film, music (performance, songwriting, recording), writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, hybrid genres), movement and dance, theater, performance art, as well as multidisciplinary artists of all stripes. 


For more information about CA+MP Residencies, as well as details on how to apply for the 2022 season, contact us at

Artist Testimonials
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WORDS FROM RESIDENT ARTISTS: Alec Spiegelman, Cuddle Magic

"Whenever I’ve had a few days at the Upper Jay Arts Center, perched so solidly & commandingly above the churning Ausable river, it’s led me to reconsider and reframe whatever recent city experiences had me anxious and concerned. I love the look, and the feel, and especially the SOUND of all that brought-back-to-life furniture: I can imagine no acoustic treatment superior to the incredible variety of re-upholstered surfaces within those hundred-year-old walls.


And I love the community, always gracious and open-eared, that gathers in that space."



In 2021 we hosted four CA+MP residency sessions and 21 different artists. 

2021 ARTISTS: 

Luciana Arias

Giulia Carotenuto

Franco Colon

Stephen Elkins 

Anna Finocchiaro

Lea Fulton

Michael Galligan

Sha Harrell

Lucy Livingston

Rowan Magee

Sam Metzger

John Mosloskie

Bailey Nassetta

Justin Picado

Josh Rice

Jon Riddleberger

Jenna Riegel

Andrew Simon

Emma Wiseman

Emily Zemba

Wes Zurick 

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more upcoming residencies listed soon, stay tuned

CA+MP 2021
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Donate to CA+MP

Consider Donating to CA+MP

As an emergent program, we have committed to supporting our resident artists, as well as our staff, in as many ways as possible. Your donations to this program will help us continue to offer artist stipends to all residents to offset the costs of attending a residency here, as well as contribute to the costs of running this program in our building with the additional staffing needed to do so. The pillars of this program are twofold: to support artists of all kinds in their creative process, and to offer new perspectives and creative experiences to the local community. We thank you for anything you can contribute to continue to make the Upper Jay Art Center a vibrant cultural center in the Adirondacks. THANK YOU!

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