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The Upper Jay Art Center (UJAC) is accepting applications for the position of Artistic Director.


Application must include a resume, cover letter, and a contact list of three professional references. Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2022, and applicant review begins immediately. Ideal start date is September 2022. 


The Artistic Director (AD) of the Upper Jay Art Center is a salaried position for someone with knowledge and passion for art, and who possesses a strong understanding of live performance, including theater, music, and dance. The Artistic Director is responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the ongoing artistic vision of the Upper Jay Art Center and its performance space, the Recovery Lounge. The AD is responsible for furthering the mission, resource development, and day-to-day operation of a growing, non-profit arts organization. The AD reports to the Board of Directors. 

Salary: $32K 

Send applications to:


Program development and implementation (including but not limited to): 

  • Produce and/or direct two plays per year. 

  • Develop seasonal play-reading series.

  • Manage year-round concert series, including booking bands, negotiating contracts, and securing sound engineers. 

  • Curate visual arts gallery shows. 

  • Support and actively participate with all visiting artists including residing artists of the CA+MP residency program

  • Playfully manage the Recovery Lounge space’s atmosphere and vibe. 

  • Work closely with the social media/communication team and website manager to promote events and foster community engagement. 

  •  Manage custodial duties, which include regular cleaning of bathrooms and performance spaces, and residency space. 

Organizational and administrative:

  • Develop an annual program budget with the Board of Directors 

  •  Maintain open communications with the UJAC Board. 

  •  Develop and manage resources including donations, grants, fundraising events, revenue streams, and resource sharing with other organizations along with the Board of Directors.  

  • Actively examine UJAC’s relationship with the community and look for new ways to engage them.


● Background in performing arts - preferably including direction and design. 

● Self-starter, organized, disciplined, and detail-oriented. 

● Familiarity with non-profit organizations, including a desire to learn and implement inclusion, diversity, equity and access strategies. 

● Experience setting production schedules and managing budgets. 

● Comfortable multi-tasking, negotiating contracts, and speaking in public. 

● Passion for working with artists in the creation of new and challenging work. 

● Experience in, or willingness and ability to learn, Quickbooks, fiscal management, and grant writing skills. 

● Sense of humor. 



The mission of the Upper Jay Art Center is to enhance the quality of life in Upper Jay and in the surrounding Adirondack communities through artistic expression. 




Live Music ~ Theater ~ Artist Residency ~ Visual Arts Gallery

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