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Sat, Mar 10


Upper Jay Art Center and Recovery Lounge

Pete's Posse

Time & Location

Mar 10, 2018, 7:00 PM

Upper Jay Art Center and Recovery Lounge, 12198 Old Rte 9n, Upper Jay, NY 12987, USA

About the Event

Vermont’s  own trad roots power trio, Pete’s Posse, is composed of acclaimed  musician Pete Sutherland (fiddle, piano, banjo, melodica and vocals),  his talented protégé Oliver Scanlon (fiddle, viola, mandolin, foot  percussion and vocals) and the uber-dynamic Tristan Henderson (guitars,  mandolin, jaw harp, foot percussion and vocals). Twin fiddles in tight,  wild harmony over high-powered guitar and pounding footwork with  mandolin, clawhammer banjo, jawharp and rocking keyboards adding their  voices to the mix. Songs and tunes, old and new, lyrical and driving:  that’s the multi-generational heart and mind of PETE’S POSSE, at work  and at play. Pete’s Posse is three generations of musicians who  have come together to create their own electrifying sound they call  “multi-generational roots music.” In 2013 Pete and Oliver, building on a  long-time mentor/mentee partnership, asked Tristan to join them to play  a contradance, and a match was struck! Gig by gig their chemistry grew,  and the Posse quickly developed a reputation for being an innovative,  driving, sought-after, can’t-keep-your-feet-still power trio. Within  a year of their first performance, their self-titled album was out, and  days later they were off on a nine week, 48-gig, 11,000 mile U.S. tour.  It was on this odyssey that they began to add more vocals to the mix in  a major way, expanding not only the dance floor experience, but also  their desire for concerts. Their second album, “Down to the Core” was  released in July 2015, a pure distillation of their first national tour.  With it they attracted the attention of festival promoters and concert  series large and small, as well as finding themselves much in demand for  contradance weekends in the Northeast and beyond. The Posse  continues to engage audience members of all ages with their distinct and  expansive energies, and their intuitive feel for one another’s playing.  Being a restlessly creative bunch of self-styled ‘rehearsal addicts’,  there are always new songs, dance sets, and concert arrangement in the  works! So if you’ve heard them at a house concert or danced with them  until 1 AM at a festival, you know there’s always a new favorite to  listen for. The steady flow of powerful uplifting energy across the age  gap is the engine that drives Pete’s Posse, and it shows no sign of  letting up! Pete Sutherland A warm voiced singer,  songsmith and accomplished multi-instrumentalist, known equally for his  potent originals and his intense recreations of age old ballads and  fiery fiddle tunes, Pete Sutherland “covers the map” and shines with a  “…pure spirit which infuses every bit of his music, and cannot fail to  move all who hear him.” -American Festival of Fiddle Tunes. He has been  on staff at dance and music camps coast to coast and is a widely known  year-round teacher and performer at home. Sutherland is a veteran of  many touring and recording groups including Metamora, Rhythm In Shoes,  The Woodshed Allstars, Woods Tea Company, Ira Bernstein’s Ten Toe  Percussion and is a founding member of the long running ‘contradance  jamband’ The Clayfoot Strutters. He is also a producer with over 80  projects under his belt, and a prolific songwriter covered by the likes  of Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Nightingale  and Altan. Tristan Henderson Dynamic is certainly the word  to use to describe Tristan! He played a variety of music genres before  jumping into traditional music and is quickly becoming a sought after  accompanist, session musician and performer in Vermont. His unique  ability to play any instrument with strings (and a few without) was set  into motion when he picked up the guitar at the age of ten. Tristan is  an adventurous and powerful rhythm player who can also hold his own on  melody, singing or picking, and he never ceases to inspire with his  boundless energy and joyful performances. Be prepared for a sonic  immersion, as within his musical flair there are subtle (and not so  subtle) nods to rock, jazz, funk, country and more! He was a 2013 winner  of the Young Tradition Vermont talent contest with bagpiper Hazen Metro  and in addition to Pete’s Posse he can be found performing with  Atlantic Crossing, Cape Breton duo ‘Ben Miller & Anita  MacDonald’, and anywhere else his diverse bag of tricks is desired. Oliver Scanlon A  soulful fiddler, mandolinist and spellbinding tunesmith, Oliver Scanlon  began his journey of musical discovery with a stint in the Vermont  Youth Orchestra, picking up the viola when he was nine. Shortly after he  was introduced to his mentor Pete and the immense parallel universe of  fiddle music! His keen interest in fiddling led him to seek out further  learning and performing opportunities through Mark Sustic’s  “Fiddleheads” program, and soon he began attending music camps where he  studied various styles with Alan Jabbour, Kimberley Fraser, Andrea  Beaton, Eric Favreau and other master fiddlers. In 2008, Oliver and few  talented middle school friends formed a group, The Irregulars, a six  piece outfit that has played scores of local dances and festivals, and  took first prize in the 2011 Young Tradition Vermont talent contest!  Then in 2013 he both co-founded the Posse and became the youngest member  of Pete’s long running dance band The Clayfoot Strutters. He released  his solo album “The Pond Jam” in 2014, which was both his senior project  before graduating high school and a testament to his passion and  artistry. Recognized not only for his classy and mesmirizing playing,  but also for being a meticulous sound tech, Oliver stays quite busy when  not on the road with the Posse!

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