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CA+MP PERFORMANCE EVENT: The Shape of the Color to Come & are we intertwined?
CA+MP PERFORMANCE EVENT: The Shape of the Color to Come & are we intertwined?

Sat, Jul 17


Upper Jay

CA+MP PERFORMANCE EVENT: The Shape of the Color to Come & are we intertwined?

Our July CA+MP artists-in-residence will share two new & in-process performance works: The Shape of the Color to Come (Lea Fulton, Luciana Arias), & are we intertwined? (Jenna Riegel, Sha Harrell). Show is free! RSVP below.

Time & Location

Jul 17, 2021, 7:30 PM

Upper Jay, 12198 Old Rte 9n, Upper Jay, NY 12987, USA

About the Event

Our July CA+MP artists-in-residence will present two new performance works!

The Shape of Color to Come (Lea Fulton; Luciana Arias)

What is the secret life of color? What is the space occupied by an absence that contains all the possibilities? This impression that it produces on my retina, these rays of light reflected and absorbed by my body, according to the wavelength of these rays, change me, move me , produce emotions that speak and make music.

We want to experience the relationship between color, music, movement, and poetry. What does one feel by being surrounded by color, by putting it on my body, on my partner’s body? We wish to generate a context to explore the dimensions of these dynamics. Can we build music that is solely red, only blue, primarily black? The color of you is all I see.

What is the taste of yellow? How is synesthesia involved in creation? Like a tempo shift, red changes to black.

Each day of the 5 day residency will be an absorption into 5 colors, one per day. Each day will be documented and performed. Deep in the desert of color, we find our home.

Our love is always running.

The crucible fire of color, how it changes us, becomes everything. As we become completely subsumed by an identity, how are we, as creators, available for possibility?


are we intertwined? (Jenna Riegel, Sha Harrell)

Inspired by Octavia E. Butler’s Afrofuturist science fiction novels, Wild Seed and Parable of the Sower, my current collaborative creative research, are we intertwined?, centers around questions of symbiosis, interdependence, mutability and mutuality. The shape shifting superpower of the character Anyanwu in Butler’s Wild Seed led my artistic and life partner, Sha Harrell, and I to ask ourselves: How much are we capable of transforming ourselves in the presence of different people or for different situations? Are we losing ourselves in each other? We became fascinated with the African fig tree and the fig wasp’s symbiotic relationship. How can two completely dissimilar entities be locked together in a mutualistic relationship? What makes them/us able to understand each other? What do they/we each give up in order to ensure the survival of the other? Though this dance work is highly personal, we are curious how it comments on larger socio-political issues. Our interpersonal dynamics are often fraught with our cultural differences and yet we struggle to disentangle the cultural from the personal, even as we struggle to disentangle ourselves from one another. Setting boundaries and knowing our edges are all a part of our artistic process and discoveries.

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