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This page contains information on the descriptions & depictions of mental health and self-harm in Hotdish. It therefore also contains significant spoilers. If you'd like this information, read on...

Toby is a character who seeks solace in a fantasy about being on his favorite reality TV cooking show. As his stresses and frustrations deepen in the play, so does his dependency on this fantasy. It becomes clear Toby is battling depression and falling into a state of poor mental health. At a critical moment in Act 2, Toby is in a fraught state when the focus of his fantasy, the host of his favorite TV show, suggests he has the option to end his own life.


The final and climactic scene in the play also deals with subjects of this nature. It is revealed that Toby and Kayla's father who passed away 3 years earlier had taken his own life. Their mother, Evelyn, is concerned Toby will make the same choice.

Content warnings: Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideation, and Suicide.

We hope knowing this information has been helpful to those who need preparation for such topics. Thank you for your interest and in supporting live, meaningful storytelling.



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